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It seems like I've been anticipating the Pandora Unforgettable Cruise for several months now and it's finally almost here! One week from today, my spouce and i along with some lovely Pandoraholics will probably be sailing for the newly renovated Liberty in the Seas from Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel, Mexico. I first heard about the cruise in November 7th using the Pandora Club (yes, I've kept that email!) and I was dying to travel. With one thing or any other, I thought logistics and cost would be an excessive amount of to accommodate the trip but after ruminating over it for weeks and weeks, I knew I recently had to take action! I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband; he didn't bat an eye fixed and the therefore the trip was booked!

In deciding whether or not to go on the trip or otherwise not, I was able to uncover out that people would be getting swag bags effortlessly sorts of loot, including possibly a retired country-exclusive charm never for sale in the US. Blue Primrose Path, anyone Also, the shopping event in Cozumel will include a GWP. This sealed the deal! While there is only 4 days to the cruise, it will be jam-packed with activities. I'm dying to understand what we'll be getting and what the shopping event will incorporate!

As we got closer and closer to the cruise, we had been given more information about what was in store for your participants. We're obtaining a nifty Pandora t-shirt (I really hope mine fits), as well as the schedule features a welcome get-together about the first night, private party on the second night, in-store shopping event on Cozumel for the third day, and a farewell party for the last night. Also, included throughout the sailing days will be 4 workshops; the topics of which we simply received the other day. Workshop 1: Storytelling (sharing our Pandora moments), Workshop 2: how to tie a lariat, Workshop 3: Pandora trivia, and Workshop 4: Pandora Q&A. I'm really curious regarding how these workshops will likely be run - I'm hoping they're giving out prizes!

As well as these special Pandora events, the boat will incorporate Encore! An Ice Spectacular, In the Air (aerial show), and Saturday Night Fever as entertainment. We've received a dilemma for day in port - we actually want to do the Mayan ruins but that can take over 6 hours and we'd miss the Pandora shopping event completely…there goes that concept, lol. I intend on blogging during the trip and keeping everyone updated about the happenings - I just hope the wifi is decent and reliable. Look for all those posts next week!

Aside from the great Pandora goodies i will be getting, my husband and I are really excited to be vacation and take a break from our day jobs for the week. The trip planners are already really wonderful as well - Shelly and Roberta Schwartz, they're so fun and also have made the process relatively painless (aside from to our wallets, lol). I'm ready for sun, sand, sleeping-in, plus much more Pandora!

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